Practicioner Yan Cui

Yan Cui graduated from Chang Chun Chinese Medical College's Advanced Acupuncture class in 1983. After graduation, he practiced acupuncture at JiLin Sheng Chinese Medical & Medicine Research Institute, where he published numerous papers based on his clinical experience and extensive research. He was subsequently promoted to the position of Chief Practioner. In 1989, Yan Cui was invited to lecture and train the medical staff at the Russian Moscow People's Hospital on TCM practices.

In addition to practicing TCM, Yan Cui devotes a lot of time to practicing and teaching Chinese martial arts, specifically Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

Combining over 20 years of experience in TCM, extensive training in Western medicine, and aided by rigorous martial art training, Yan Cui has developed an unique and effective set of High Efficiency Acupuncture (HEA) treatments. Some of those treatments are considered as New Method, No Drug, or Non-surgical Treatments. So, he is able to treat certain illnesses such as Hay Fever/Allergic Rhinitis, Frequent/Urgent Urination, Enlarged Prostate, Sciatica&Herniated disk/Neck/Back/Shoulder/Knee/Heel Pain, Singles, Migraine, ADHD, Parkinson's with profound results.

Yan Cui is now a Colorado licensed Acupuncturist, and resides in Denver Colorado.