Proven Treatment Cases

- Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease which is very difficult to treat.If not treated well, one can get serious side effects such as losing eye sight, numb of the limbs, heart problems, etc. Yan Cui has been helping diabetes patients by applying the Lo Li Company’s “Relieve” natural herbal diabetic treatment practice. After spending more than 10 years in search for an effective way to cure the diabetic disease, Lo Li Co. (Canada), has found a systematic method to treat the diabetes patients. This treatment system is a combination of using American Indian and Chinese herbs in addition to acupuncture. The effectiveness of the treatment is evident in the number of successful results achieved within two weeks, including decreased side effects. Lo Li Co. will refund the cost of the medicine, if there is no improvement after one cycle of treatment (approximately one month). Followings are proven treatment cases:

Case 1:

August of 2005, patient mRozmme Hill, Female, 42 years-old,came to clinic for treatment. She was diagnosed as Type I Diabetes 18 years ago, and she had eighteen years history of taking insulin. Recently, she started using automatic insulin supplier. Her symptoms are lack of strength, dizziness, decreasing vision, frequent pee, occasional difficulty to breathe and uncomfortable feeling on liver and kidney area. According to her condition, acupuncturist Cecilia Zhang put additional herbs into the basic Lo Li's formula, combined with acupuncture and cabin. The patient keeps taking the treatment every week, after the first week treatment, the patient felt stronger and more energetic. One month later, she was rid of the uncomfortable feelings around her liver and kidney area; her blood sugar was turning normal. After finishing a section, the usage of insulin reduced from 20~26 units to 10~18 units. After two treatment sections, the patient felt very well, and her blood sugar is maintained at 10~16. Still, the patient is taking treatment, and the progress shows that she could be stopping using insulin after fourth section.

Case 2:

September afternoon of 2006, a sixty-one year old woman walked into acupuncturist Cecilia Zhang’s office. She had been diagnosed with diabetes for over ten years, and had already had her left leg amputated; and her blood sugar level was still high in the low 20’s. The specialist advised her to have her right leg amputated in three months when the patient started her treatment in Eastern Health Restoration Centre. After six weeks of receiving the Lo Li's "Relieve" natural herbal diabetic treatment, the patient’s blood sugar level had already reduced to high normal. The swollenness of her right leg was also greatly reduced, the basic mobility of her leg had also restored. After two months of treatments, the patient’s blood sugar had returned to normal. On the last day of her treatment, after seeing the result, she started crying, then she told the staff that before her left leg was amputated, her friend already advised her to go to acupuncturist Zhang for help, but she didn’t believe that Traditional Chinese Medicine could cure her. She said if she came to acupuncturist Zhang’s clinic earlier, she wouldn’t have to amputate her left leg.