Hay Fever/Allergic Rhinitis

A. Hay Fevers
I started to suffer from the hay fevers 15 yesrs ago. At the begining, I was able to control the symptoms by taking the drugs on the counter. However, it got worse every year. Eventually, I had to take the prescription drug from my doctor. Then, the season of the hay fever was nolonger limited to the spring. It went year around. At the end, the drug lost the effect even though I overdosed. My life was so miserable. Four years ago, I met the acupuncturist Yan Cui. After 2-3 acupuncture treatments, the hay fever was gone for the year.It was amazing! Now,I could hike and enjoy the beautiful spring agin. I went to Yan Cui to get the acupuncture treatments if I started to feel the hay fever is coming (very few times), and then,no more itchy swollen eyes, no more sneeze, no more running noses, and no more drugs! My life is back. Thank you Yan Cui! You're the best! - CJ

B. Allergic Rhinits
I had the allergic rhinits when I was a teenager. I had runny itchy nose, watery and itchy eys, sneeze again and again. Sometimes I was awake whole night because of those symptoms.This illness had a big negative impact to the quality of my life. Over the years, I had seeked help from a lot of wetern and eastern doctors, and gained no improvement. By accident, I saw an article written by the acupuncturist Yan Cui, talked about the effectiveness of acupuncture treament. So, I decided to give it a try and started the treament with him. The result was amazing! After 4-5 treatments, the symptoms have improved a lot. Which, gave me a lot of confidence in him, and continued the acupuncture treatment with him. Now, my illnes is gone and my life is back to normal. Thank you Yan Cui. I would recommand you to all my friends. - Rui

Sciatica & Herniated Disk
Neck; Back, Shoulder, Knee & Heel Pain

A. Lower Back Pain
Yan Cui is an expert in his field. He alleviated a 15 year-old lower back problem that I thought I would have for life. I can now sit in a chair without pain thanks to Yan Cui, and that is a priceless feelings. He was recommended to me by a friend who had her neck problem and her son’s severe allergy problems cured in just a few visits. The son continues with one treatment a year to keep the allergies from returning. - Kathy Briggs

B. What a relief – my back pain:
In April 2007, I developed a severe back pain. It was difficult for me to lift my legs to get into the SUV. When my husband and I flew to Houston to visit his sister, I had the back pain during the whole trip. When we got back from Houston, we went to see the acupuncturist Yan Cui. With one session of acupuncture, my back pain was almost gone. After the second session, I was completely cured. What a relief. Later, I found out that the back pain was a side effect from taking the cholesterol statin medicine. After I switch the cholesterol medicine to a non-statin kind, the back pain never returned. Without the acupuncture treatment by Yan Cui, who knows how much longer I would be suffering the back pain. Thanks, Yan Cui. - Alice Chao

C. Injured Back
In 2004, I fell off from an eight- foot ladder while trying to replace a light bulb in the garage. I injured my back and had to rush to the ER immediately. From that time forward, my back was hurting every day, and especially when the weather changes. I am not able to sit in one place more than half an hour without needing to stand up and move around.

I have visited many different doctors and applied several different treatments. These included taking daily pain relief medications, receiving acupuncture, obtaining chiropractic therapies, etc. None of these treatments cured my back problem.

In October 2009, a friend of mine referred me to the Acupuncturist Yan Cui after my car accident that occurred in September 2009. During my visit with Yan Cui, he checked my back and applied Chinese acupuncture. This treatment lasted for about one and a half hours. After two more visits with Yan Cui, my back pain is gone and I feel normal again. I can now sit in front of a computer and continue working for half a day without any back pain. I can also play table tennis again.

I have referred Yan Cui to a few of my friends. They all went to see Yan Cui and obtained positive results from their treatments. For those who are experiencing the same back pain as I did, I would highly recommend they visit the acupuncturist Yan Cui to receive acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine treatments. The experience will be awesome. - Wei Tao

Urgent/Frequent Urination

A. Frequent Urination
I have Frequent Urination problem for over 6 years, and started to wear diaper last year. My daughter, a patient of Yan Cui, recommended me of getting the acupuncture tretment from him. After the first treatment, diaper is no longer needed. And, after 10 tretments, my frequent urination problem was all gone. I didn't realize that the acupuncture treatment can be so amazing! -Tran

Enlarged Prostate

A. Long Time Enlarged Prostate Problem
I've experienced the enlarged prostate problem for more than 15 years. I needed to get up to urinate 8-9 times every night, thus it had negative impact to my over all health. A while ago, my wife's allergic rhinits was cured by the Acupuncturist Yan Cui. So, she recommended me to get treatment from him. Right after the first treatment, I only had to get up 3-4 times per night. The treatment continued for 12 times. Now, I barely have to get up during the night. It's wonderfull!! - David Shin


A. Long Time Migraine Headaches
I have been suffering from migraine headaches for 10 years. While I tried conventional medicine - prescription pills and over-the counter remedies nothing seemed to alleviate the horrible pain. My headaches lasted anywhere from a day to as long as 6 days of continuous migraine pain combined with nausea, sensitivity to light and scents, etc. A friend of mine who has been seeing the acupuncturist Yan Cui for her condition recommended that I give it a try. After about 4 sessions my headaches almost disappeared. I continued to see Yan Cui for another few sessions of acupuncture combined with acupressure. The treatment was specifically targeted for my delicate condition. Six moths later I can say that I am practically pain free - migraine free! I only experience slight headaches from time to time, usually after my menstrual cycle. I feel like a huge burden was lifted off of my shoulders. Thank you, Yan Cui! - Magdalena Pardala, 32 years old

B. Dangerous, severe headaches:
On Monday, Nov. 2, 2009, I began to have a severe headache on one side of my head. Like usual, I took extra strength Tylenol trying to ease the pain. For two more days, the pulsing, throbbing headaches got even worse. The pain would hit me randomly between every 15 seconds to one or two minutes, day and night. When I was tossing and turning in the bed at night, my wife could not sleep because she was wondering when she should call 911 and take me to the emergency room.

On Thursday, Nov. 5, I went to visit my internal medicine doctor who recommended an MRI and prescribed stronger pain medicine Tramadol plus Gabapentin for regulating the nerves . After taking these two medicines for the afternoon and in the evening, the headache did not improve. It was even more severe at night. On Friday morning, Nov. 6, we went to see the acupuncturist Yan Cui. Yan Cui told me that the headache was caused by too much “chi” pushing up toward my head. Then, he gave me acupuncture treatments. Amazingly, two thirds of my headache was gone after one treatment and I was able to sleep through the night the first time in that week. With two more follow-up acupuncture treatments on Saturday and Monday, the headaches were totally gone. At that time, Yan Cui told me that I was in his office early enough for the acupuncture treatment to work effectively. In addition, the risk of having a vascular hemorrhage would have been much stronger if I waited. I was so relieved that I was no longer in pain and also out of danger of hemorrhaging.

One week later, I went to the hospital to have an MRI scan. The result turned out to be normal. Although it is somewhat a mystery of why I had the headache in the first place, I believed Yan Cui’s diagnosis that too much “chi” push up against my head was the cause. So, I took some Chinese herbal medicine to lower the “chi” in my body and it was working – no more headaches. - Benjamin Chao


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A.Severe Shingles
In August 2009 while my immune system was very low, I got nasty shingles. Blisters of every kind of size covered my right upper body, front, and back. I was in tremendous pain. A friend referred me to Dr. Cui. Dr. Cui immediately used his unique skill and medical knowledge to treat me. Through his intensive treatment and herbs he directed me to take, I was finally relieved of the pain and shingle. The way he is willing to try, figure out, and supervise pulled me out of this disaster. I knew I was in good hands. Luckily I got to visit the right doctor who knows and has experience in the case, otherwise the shingle could have caused nervous system long term damage and pain. Thank you Dr.Cui. - CLH

Miscellaneous Cases

A. Problematic Skin

" I suffered with acute psoriasis for six months. No medicine helped. TCM Master - Yan Cui's herbal treatment not only cured the condition but my health in general was significantly improved." - Kirindi Chan Goldman


Dear Yan Cui:
I would like to thank you so much for your treatment, I had a terrible skin problem for many months. It would not respond to any treatment. I am so happy to say that after seeing you, and taking the treatment you prescribed, I am now completely healed.

Not only am I healed from the skin condition, but after your treatment my health in general has improved.

May God bless you for your compassion and generosity.

Thank you sincerely,
Kirindi Chan Goldman


B. High Blood Pressure
I am seventy years old and have high blood pressure since sixty-two years old. I take medicine two times a day to help control my high blood pressure. Everything was working well until November 2009. One day, I noticed that my blood pressure was suddenly really low (about 90) in morning, and then climbed up to over 200 later that afternoon. This problem continued almost two weeks after my family doctor increased my medication and changed the prescription. I had to visit the ER on December 7, 2009 due to my blood pressure being over 205. They ran several tests of my kidney, heart, and physical in the ER, and everything looked normal.

At this time, my only option is to keep changing my blood pressure prescription until I figure out what the problem is. After seeing my struggles with this problem, one of my friends referred me the acupuncturist Yan Cui.

When I had my appointment with Yan Cui, he checked my pulse and found that due to my old age, my internal system was conflicting with the numerous changes in weather. He applied acupuncture, as well as other Chinese medicine treatments. Five hours after receiving treatment from Dr. Hui, my blood pressure returned back to normal. This has never happened during the past few weeks prior to my visit with Yan Cui.

After two more appointments with Yan Cui, my blood pressure remained stable and normal. My Family doctor began to reduce my daily medication. I was extremely impressed with how quickly and accurately Yan Cui diagnosed my problem, and treated it with positive results within a short time frame. It was unbelievable. I highly recommend Yan Cui to those who have complications with high blood pressure. - Jinbo Wang